Bathroom wallpaper ideas

Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas in 2022

Bathroom wallpapers in Australia have made a comeback in interior design trends in 2022. Decorating the bathroom is quite low on most people’s list of things to do when designing a house, but it might be one of the most important spaces of your home!

A functional bathroom is important, but a plain and undecorated one might not make for an enjoyable experience. Bathrooms are heavily used spaces in a house, and spicing them up with some décor can liven up the space.

So today, we’re going to talk about some trending bathroom wallpaper ideas! We at Paper Walls provide some of the best wallpapers in Australia!

Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

When decorating, it’s important to decide whether you want to design one wall or all of them. Using wallpaper on one wall (an accent wall) is a common minimalist design idea, which is also very practical. If you have a compact bathroom installed with overhead showers, humidity and moisture can take a toll on the wallpaper.

Therefore, decorating one wall opposite the shower can help protect it from moisture, and it can break the general colour theme of the bathroom as well!

Similarly, you could also go for a whole wallpaper look and follow a theme. Choose from our brightly coloured wallpapers with bold patterns for an eccentric look. Our wallpapers can really impact the look of big bathrooms and give them a homey touch.

Rustic and vintage designs require more simple wallpapers with golden brown or creamy accents that go well with the bathtubs and toilets. Another fun idea is to install a bright wallpaper behind the mirror and sink to create the perfect accent wall!

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