Paint vs Wallpaper

Paint VS Wallpaper? Wallpaper Wins!

Most people who indulge in interior design do so because they want their homes to look trendy and beautiful. Painted walls and wallpapered walls are part of the interior design battle, with both options going in and out of trend often. The right wallpapers Australia has to offer should convince you to consider wallpaper for your next project. It’s not always an easy choice to make, but your home deserves the best and so do you. Here’s why wallpaper is the winner for most who want to decorate their home interior.

1. It’s super easy to clean. With the right wallpapers Australia, you’ll have beautiful walls that will stand the test of time. All you need is a sponge and water with a little soap, and your wallpaper will be standing out in no time.

2. You can choose from a range of designs. Paint is lovely but unless you like stencils and have the time to paint patterns, you’re going to be doing something super time consuming! Wallpaper comes in different designs and textures, and it adds depth and character to any room.

3. It’s got that aesthetic. Wallpaper is easy to put up and take down, so when you are following a specific aesthetic, you just need to paper your room and you can replace it easily. It looks good, and who doesn’t want a home that looks good! Wallpaper offers more than just paint!

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