Wallpapers can spice up the décor of your room

Selecting The Coolest Wallpaper For Your Bedroom

Wallpapers that we have in stock for you are timeless and classic, and they can amp up the beauty of any room exponentially. However, we do understand how overwhelming it may be to select the right one, especially when there are nearly an infinite number of options available for bedroom wallpapers. Australia, especially, with the amazing interior design experts around every corner, has some of the best wallpapers available, and we at Paper Walls are here to provide them.

So here is how you make sure you select the best wallpaper for your bedroom:

Complement The Decor

You can narrow down the options of wallpapers available to you by simply shortlisting the ones that complement the décor of your room. Understand the color scheme of your room and pick one of our wallpapers that goes well with it. Other than that, consider whether your bedroom is modern or traditional, and make sure the wallpaper blends in instead of standing out.

Texture or No Texture

You can pick out a textured wallpaper to accent one of the walls in your room. There are many cool designs available in textured wallpapers that can look timeless and elegant.

Many of our wallpapers without a texture are also very trendy and should be considered for smaller rooms.

Light Colors And Small Prints For Small Rooms

If you have a small room, you should go for one of our lighter colored wallpaper that accents the room. If the wallpaper is printed, the print should not be too large. This is because light colors and small prints make a room look spacious and airy, while dark colors and large prints can make it look cramped.

Vertical Stripes

Stripes are a timeless classic, and many people still opt for them to accent their rooms. Stripes are also minimalistic and incorporate more than one color, so you can add some much-needed spunk to your room without going over the top.

And other than that, vertical stripes can also give the illusion that your room is long and spacious with high ceilings. It’s a win-win situation.


Our wallpapers are a classic and timeless addition to any room and can amp your bedroom up to look as aesthetically pleasing as you want it to be.

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