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Tips for Keeping Your Wallpaper Clean

Wallpaper can make your rooms look brighter, more fun, and exciting. However, they can become quite dirty and dull over time. If you’re spending a good sum of money on the wallpaper, be sure to keep it clean and well maintained too.

Here are some tips on how to keep your wallpaper clean and bright:

Dust The Walls Often

If your house gets a lot of dust or you like to keep your windows open, you should probably dust the walls often. Depending on how much dust you get, anywhere from every other week or every other month would be a good timeframe for dusting your walls. Use a clean and light duster to avoid stains or scratches.

Look for Stains, Spots, or Marks

You should inspect your wallpaper often and if you see any stains or spots, get to them immediately before they have a chance to really set in. The longer you leave stains, the more difficult it is to clean them. Try using an art gum eraser for stubborn marks, sports, and grease stains.

Vacuum the Walls

While you may be dusting the walls lightly every few weeks, you should haul out the vacuum cleaning and use a brush attachment to clean the walls once or twice a year. A vacuum cleaner will give you a more powerful cleaning than a duster and allow you to get rid of dust, impurities, and buildup on the wallpaper.

Test Your Paper Before Using Cleaning Solutions

You may be tempted to use soap and water or some other cleaning solution to wipe down your wallpaper. While some papers can withstand moisture and chemical products, not all of them can. Before bringing out the cleaning solutions, test out a spare piece of wallpaper to see how it will react.

If properly maintained and cleaned, good-quality wallpaper should last for years and keep your home looking bright and beautiful. If you’re looking for wallpapers in Melbourne, be sure to check out the selection at Paper Walls.

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