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Why Wallpaper Is Better Than Regular Paint

Wallpaper vs. paint is an age-old debate, and there has so far been no resolution. However, we believe that wallpaper is superior to paint. Whether living room wallpapers or bathroom wallpapers, Australian houses just look better with wallpapers than with paint! Let’s take a look at some reasons why we prefer wallpaper:

Wallpaper Lasts Longer

We have wallpapers that can easily last for around 15 years if they are adequately maintained and cared for. After around ten years, even the best paint jobs can begin to look dreary and haunting. So you can easily deck your house with contrasting wallpapers and not have to worry about your walls for a long time.

No Drying Time

You cannot do much in those rooms after you give your walls a fresh coat of paint until the paint dries. Even after the paint dries, the fumes linger for long and irritate you. However, these problems are eradicated entirely if you choose our wallpapers instead since once the wallpaper is installed, there is nothing more to be done. You can re-set the room pretty much immediately after.

Multiple Creative Options

We have incredible wallpaper options available for all houses nowadays. You can pick the same wallpaper for the whole house, install different patterns in each room, or find a system where all the wallpapers thematically complement each other. While paint can also be creative, the process is much more tedious and limited in creativity.

Easier To Clean

Our wallpapers can be cleaned with a swipe of cloth, and it’s that simple. You do not have to worry about the paper being evidently stained or absorbing the material and being compromised. Painted walls can become visibly stained if they are dirtied, and it is much more difficult to get those stains out.


Choosing our wallpapers at Paperwalls over regular paint will only serve to benefit you since you will have a highly aesthetic room and the results will last you a long time!

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