Why you should revamp your interiors with Paper Walls Wallpapers

Five Reasons: Why You Should Revamp Your Interiors With Paper Walls Wallpapers

A vibrant & aesthetically appealing design element, wallpapers are cost-effective décor elements that bring shades of play, texture & vibrancy to any space. The use of Wallpapers predominantly began in ancient China, 2,000 years ago, however today; wallpapers are gaining a great level of significance & popularity. So, if it is time to spruce up your walls and you are debating if wallpapers are the right option for you, here are a few reasons WHY, we at Paper Walls feel wallpapers are an ideal décor element for your Interior Walls.


Wallpapers usually have a life & durability of 10-15 years, which in turn works out to be longer than the life of paint and sometimes tiles. It doesn’t require the yearly maintenance of repainting and therefore, works out to be a hassle-free and long-lasting option. Similarly, installing wallpapers is usually a faster process than painting your walls. Unlike, other alternatives, wallpapers are usually installed within 24 hours.

Cost Effective

Instead of revamping your wall facade with heavy wall decor or murals, it would be more cost effective to alternatively use wallpapers which work both as art features & wall murals. Fortunately, with great breakthroughs in digital printing and wallpapers, there’s an endless variety of wallpapers to choose from.

Variety of themes

From light and airy to deep and moody, wallpapers offer a variety of shades that fit into almost all themes and colour palettes. Additionally, unlike paint and other options, wallpapers can be printed on fabrics, vinyl, silks & leatherette. From a variety of options, wallpapers are a friendly option that fit almost all themes and can be very easily manipulated in your requirements. For example, bold colours and indigenous prints can serve as accent walls & neutral prints in gold, beige and cream can complement both bold and subtle furnishings.


Wallpaper can be easily cleaned with regular vacuuming or additionally a cloth. Dust resistant, there are multiple DIY methods to remove any fingerprint or fresh stain from wallpapers. Therefore, if you can have cleanliness bug in you, wallpapers are cleanliness friendly and usually do not require timeless cleaning.


In situations where your walls are thinning or wearing out and need to be painted or re plastered, wallpapers usually act as cover-ups and cover big or small defects & furthermore create stunning wall art. In such situations, wallpapers end up being a cheaper alternative as well as adding a new dynamic to your Interior walls.

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