Fresh, bold and trendy


Fresh, bold and trendy: The fresh, clear patterns in the NOVARA collection conjure up a great mood and a youthful, bold interior ambience. If you love the latest trends, these wallpapers are a must.

The retro-look circular pattern guarantees a particularly spectacular look. Like pearls on a necklace, straight and graceful, they cast various shadows for a breathtaking 3D effect. Large and small circles, smooth and structured, are evocative in the second circular pattern of air bubbles and dandelions and appear to float across the walls. A bit cheeky and crazy, but still totally stylish. The collection’s floral pattern is both playful and vibrant. The petals look as though they have been drawn by hand and, in places, are not yet completed. The colour-coordinated wave pattern impresses with its delicate lines which converge into ribbon-like structures, thus forming a dynamic and weightless atmosphere. Last but not least, NOVARA boasts a trendy, graphic pattern comprising various triangles for a stunning, three-dimensional effect.