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Wallpaper Calculator

Enter the height and width of your walls below to work out how many rolls of wallpaper you will need. An extra 10% has been calculated to allow for any wastage and it is based on an average roll of wallpaper measuring 10m long and 0.53m wide.

Wall 1 Width(m) : Height(m) :
Wall 2 Width(m) : Height(m) :
Wall 3 Width(m) : Height(m) :
Wall 4 Width(m) : Height(m) :
Other Number of windows : Number of doors :
Use Pattern Repeat    
Please tick this box if you select a wallpaper with a pattern or design.

Required rolls for wall :

Please note: This calculator takes into consideration standard door (0.82 x 2.040 m) and window sizes (1.2m x 2.41m).

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