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Can I hang wallpaper over old paneling, brick, textured walls, etc.?

Yes, but it’s best to bring in an expert. Wood paneling, brick and slick surfaces each present unique challenges, and each requires careful prep work for successful wallpaper installation.

Because we’ve been hanging wallpaper for over 20 years, the pros at Paperwalls know the best techniques for transforming a textured wall into a beautifully wallpapered masterpiece. Contact us to learn more about the specifics of your project.

What types of wallpaper are there?

The common misperception about wallpaper is that it is staid, boring and old-fashioned. In reality, wallpaper and other wallcoverings offer versatility and vibrancy few other materials can offer. From traditional to avant-garde, there’s a style for every homeowner or business office. Surfaces of paper, fabric, vinyl and many other materials let you choose the aesthetic that suits your style.

Can I paint over wallpaper?

Yes, you may. The best route is to strip existing wallpaper first, but if the wallpaper is adhered to unprepared drywall, painting over the paper may be the only option. Stripping wallpaper that has been painted can cause you serious problems, however, so consider your options carefully. Paperwalls can help you determine the best route.

What must I do to prepare my walls for wallpaper?

Proper preparation ensures that your wallpaper adheres correctly to the wall. If the wallpaper hasn’t formed a good bond, it may peel or fall off the wall. Proper prep work also prevents damage to the underlying surface if the paper is removed in the future.

For best results, consult with the experts at Paperwalls. We can help you avoid costly and time-consuming by making sure the job is done right the first time.

How should I remove old paper?

When redecorating, you may be tempted to remove your old wallpaper. Do so at your own risk; improper removal of wallpaper can damage your walls, which will add to your costs.

We’ve spent over two decades removing and hanging wallpaper. We have the tools and expertise to do the job right. Using a combination of soaking, steaming and solvents, we’ll remove any old coverings the proper way before we hang your new wallpaper.