Aesthetics and technology – in harmonious combination


It is not only their special technological properties, such as extreme impact-resistance and durability, that make paintable non-woven and glass-fibre wallpapers so popular. It is also their ultra-modern designs, which can be layered in various, individual ways to create decorative highlights.

5 perfect solutions – 79 wallpapers, from decorative to indestructible:

RollOver Vision
RollOver Robusto
RollOver Deco
RollOver Basic Non-Woven
RollOver Pro Glass-Fibre

The designs in the RollOver “Vision” range feature a breathtaking 3-D effect. The application of a special granulate results in lively structures.

RollOver Robusto lives up to its name. In addition to its aesthetic advantages, the RollOver Robusto series has a particularly high-wear surface.

RollOver Deco stands out for its appealing and decorative design. The expressive patterns can be individually coated with commercially available dispersion paint or glazes.

The Basic Non-Wovens can be used in many ways, for repairs, creating an even surface or as a grounding for paint. Despite their strong fibres, their structures are extremely smooth and fine. Smooth wall surfaces are absolutely on point.

Glass-fibre wallpapers are extremely durable. In addition to their elegant decorative structures, they are characterised above all by their mechanical strength and durability.