Benefits of Choosing Wallpaper

Perhaps the most important of your considerations in bringing a vision to life are your wall surfaces.


Your chosen alternatives – whether paint or wallpaper – can have a significant impact on the cost-effectiveness, longevity and even functionality of your interiors.


There are, however, common misconceptions in both commercial settings and homes regarding the latter, chief amongst them being that wallpaper is just too expensive. We aim to set the record straight by highlighting just some of the ways wallpapers prove to be not only practical and cost-effective, but also the most visually and aesthetically appealing alternative for any design scheme.


A key benefit of wallpaper is durability. The finest wallpapers are carefully designed to resist knocks; this allows them to protect wall surfaces and retain their appearance over time. That is, unlike paint, they do not require long-term ‘refresher’ coat maintenance. Our range also contains biocide additives for stain resistance and ease of cleaning, yet another benefit of choosing wallpaper over paint.


The above durability aspect gives way to another practical advantage of wallpaper – its inherently economical nature. A durable wallpaper requires minimal upkeep and lasts longer. It follows then, that the characteristically longer lifespans of this alternative allow users to produce less waste over time and, as a result, save in everything from time to money and energy.


Redecorating has never been easier! Wallpapers, if they’ve been correctly applied to sound wall surfaces, are easy to strip off and replace with minimal preparation. In fact, professional designers prefer wallpaper for this very reason – relatively stress-free replacement. You’ll no longer be anguishing over paint swatches and contemplating the number of coats of paint needed every time you decide to renovate a space.


Another significant pro is the scope of designs, textures, and colours that wallpapers offer. You need the perfect blend of palette and pattern to bring life to any vision and truly no other decorative solution offers such an extensive portfolio in just a single application.


You can go with subtle or richly textured designs – from nature-inspired to animal prints and geometric shapes. They also offer thousands of contract or digital prints and patterns from floral and botanical illustrations to natural effects to metallic finishes and beyond, suited to any number of design needs and aesthetic tastes.


Designers also have access to a wider variety of colours, which can have their own artistic and functional benefits. The first, and possibly the most important, the benefit of the right palette is that it helps create the right ‘mood’ or ‘air’ for your space. Colour has the most significant of consequences the atmosphere of any interior scheme. Ask yourself, “How do I want this room to feel?” To answer this question, it will be essential to consider the purpose of any design project. That’ll help you make decisions on all sorts of considerations from colours to patterns to textures and beyond. Is yours a space for rest and relaxation? You might want to consider pastel or neutral colours. Do you want to cool down for the summer? Go for a palette of purple, blue and grey tones. Or you might warm up your scheme with deep comforting tints from golds to maroons.


The next positive impact of colour has its basis in aesthetic and functionality considerations – that is, tying a space together visually and practically. Is yours a project with an overall theme? Does your space tie into a larger avant-garde or tropical-inspired scheme, for instance? Your colour palette plays a vital role in bringing any thematic idea to life.


Finally, the right colours can also have major practical benefits. Do you want to add depth to a space? You may opt for light and airy colours from off-white to pale blues and greens. Alternatively, a darker palette would help you add elements of cosiness to your design scheme.


Lastly, but not least, wallpapers offer many practical benefits. One benefit is the drying time or lack thereof. Wallpaper surfaces are dry and so any functional areas are available for immediate use. You can also use wallpapers to hide poor walls. Multi-coloured and textured designs, in fact, can help hide surface imperfections. It’s a quick and cost-effective solution.


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