How to remove wallpaper without damaging your walls

The Best Ways to Remove Wallpaper

If you want to put up a fun new wallpaper in your home, you first have to take off the old one. Taking off wallpaper may seem simple, but you can damage your walls or leave behind stubborn strips of paper if done incorrectly. Read ahead to determine the best ways to remove your wallpaper.

Using a Steamer

A steamer is a machine that combines a hot plate and steam from boiling water to loosen up wallpaper adhesive and make it easy to pull off old wallpaper. You have to hold the steamer against the wallpaper and slowly cover the entire surface of the wall. This allows the steam and heat to penetrate the paper properly.

A steamer offers you the benefit of making your job much easier and quicker. You can work on larger areas and remove even the most stubborn wallpapers. If you use a steamer, you need to put in minimal physical exertion or force.

You can buy a steamer from a local hardware store or even rent one out for a few days or a week. Renting is a cheaper option, whereas a new steamer can cost you anywhere between $50 to $400 depending on the quality.

Using a steamer might be your best option because it leaves your walls completely bare and does not damage the walls.

Using a Stripping Solution

The next option for removing wallpaper from your walls is using a stripping solution. All you have to do is apply the solution all over the paper and wait a few minutes. The solution soaks into the paper and dissolves its adhesive. Once the adhesive has dissolved, you can easily peel the paper off the walls.

You can buy stripping solutions from most hardware stores, and the tried and tested solutions are relatively inexpensive. If you want to DIY the solution, we suggest using equal parts white vinegar and warm water in a spray bottle.

To help along the stripping process and allow the solution to penetrate the wallpaper easily, you can score the wallpaper with a scouring tool or a blunt knife. However, be careful not to press it too far to avoid damaging the walls.

Want to update your home?

Both of these methods for removing wallpaper are easy and effective. Once you have all your old paper removed, you can start putting on some new and fresh ones!

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